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Short Stories Accepted

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Flash fiction, Short stories, Novellas in the genres of Mystery, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Mythology, Western, Fantasy, Folklore and stories for Children and Young Adults.


Essays, Memoirs, and Personal Narratives of events and/or adventures

If the story or subject compelled you to write about it, we want to read it! Picture your work posted on a world-wide storefront window with hundreds of passers-by and send us your “Sunday Best”. Do include your name, as you never know who’s watching ;-) Your contact address will not be published unless you request it.

We do not accept material or images containing violence, profanity, intolerance or of suggestive substance.

All submissions remain the property of the submitter; all rights reserved.

Sharing at Streampebbles does not constitute pre- publication and all material may be submitted elsewhere at any time.

Submissions are accepted via e-mail only at streampebbles@outlook.com

Short stories, blogs and memoir excerpts accepted in Word or PDF format only.

Stories for Children and MG (middle grade) may be 100-800 words

Stories for YA (young adult), blogs, and memoirs may be 300-2500 words

Questions? Ask us any time!