Diedre Welch Knight

A born storyteller, I began composing from my backyard swing what could only be called ‘Swingsongs’ for the enjoyment (or chagrin) of anyone within earshot.  There may have been a collective sigh of relief in my neighborhood once I learned to write and abandoned my swing for paper!

There was no stopping an inquisitive young Sonoran desert native with a perpetual tan and a pen from then on. Inspiration flourished (then, and now) beneath sun-buttered summits, in the burnt-orange glow of spellbinding sunsets – not to mention the hot breath of dust devils that raced across the desert or chased you down the street. And that was before Beanie learned about crickets in his own backyard or Benjy lost his marbles in Sawdust. But that was just the beginning. 😉

A keen appreciation for kids growing up in natural settings and culturally diverse situations are common threads woven throughout the hundreds of stories I’ve written for children when I’m not reading or writing and sharing stories for grown-ups. I don’t always publish, though I do often share.

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