The Scent of Morning


Glad you found our new site!  Moving can be pretty emotional. Full of surprises when you forget to label the boxes. Perplexing when someone else was distracted while describing the contents and “Warning…” was all they wrote. We’ll open that box last, I think.

In the meantime, pull up a box, have a seat, and enjoy Streampebbles as it’s always been; a place to read, write, create and share!

In the delicate breeze, a hummer sways on a bud-dappled branch to the soothing sound of gently tapping bamboo tubes, and beneath a marbled sky of pink and powder blue the scent of morning infuses the air with promise. For the moment, one glorious moment, I am supremely content.

Because my shirt is a color of red he can’t resist; a hummer soon alights on my shoulder and ponders the words on my page, then perches hesitantly atop the pen as if, he too, has something to say. Doesn’t everything in nature? I embrace the occasions to listen, no matter how fleeting.

For all too soon, as I drained my first cup of coffee the wail of a distant siren threatened to shatter the enchanted moment, yet the hummer remained. Then came the muted buzz of an electric saw (we are all early-risers around here), and regrettably, yet most unavoidably, I sneezed, and the hummer took flight with the moment in tow. Aw, well. At least I was left with a line of a song in my heart “The feeling remains even after the glitter fades…” ~ Stevie Nicks.  Yes, the feeling remains!

Don’t you love a day that starts with a smile? I feel as if I can conquer anything and so much more. What’s your idea of a great start?

“We all need reminders to be our own dreamer and step out of the stories we create. I never turn away an opportunity to see life from this different perspective, to spend a moment walking with wings.”

Until again, write on, write well, and read a lot!

Published by diedre Knight

Inspired by nature, encouraged by life. Writer, blogger, mother, sister, friend, and wife.

2 thoughts on “The Scent of Morning

  1. First and foremost, dIEDRE, you are a poet!

    You strike me as a heroine in a classic Disney movie.

    I hope that doesn’t come across as derogatory to you, because I assure you that I meant it in the very most positive light!

    (I guess you could interpret it to mean that you seem too nice ‘n’ good to be found outside of an animated Disney fairytale, and yet… here you ARE!)

    ~ D-FensDogG


    1. Hi there, Stephen T!
      Nice to see you here, and thanks for the compliment 😉
      Disney movie? Nah, but do you recall a late 60s show called “Family Affair”? My ballet teacher detected some resemblance between me and one
      of the twins. She always called me Buffy. But that, my friend, is as close as I’ve ever been to showbiz 😉
      Thanks for strolling by the Stream!


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