Jellybean Kisses

In the Presence of Children

The wind is a feather that tickles your face

and brings the smell of flower fumes

clear from the neighbor’s house.

He knows this because he’s the ninja

with the most eggs in his basket.

The little hunter will keep looking till bedtime,

because that’s what hunters do.

The magician has cast a spell to hurry up

and find all the eggs,

because he needs to eat chocolate – now.

While the miniature carrot-top is elbow-deep

in the ice bucket; eating ‘ice-tubes’, 

because her favorite color is red.

Random observations delivered with whimsical flair,

and fairy laughter as they lean in to plant

jelly bean kisses on the keeper of half-eaten Peeps.

Their company is a pleasurable retreat; I’m consumed

by a palpable sense of sweet and utter peace.

Because children at their magical best

hold our heartstrings in their hands.

~ Sonrisa Lockhart

For anyone who ever had a moment they could not let just slip by and recorded it in song or prose or watercolored strokes on canvas – we applaud you! Share a moment or a thought, if you like. We’re listening!

Published by diedre Knight

Inspired by nature, encouraged by life. Writer, blogger, mother, sister, friend, and wife.

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