BOTB April Results

Contenders and Votes for April 1st Battle of the Bands

Rhythm of the Rain

Gary Lewis and the Playboys                        4 votes

Dan Fogleberg                                                 5 + 1(me) = 6 votes 

Originally released by the Cascades in late 1962, the song rose to #3 on Billboard’s Top 100 the following spring. Their version of Rhythm of the Rain was used in the soundtrack of the 1979 film “Quadrophenia”, loosely based on the Who’s rock opera of the same name. Several references of the Who appear in the film as ‘Easter Eggs’. Did anyone see the film?

Speaking of Easter Eggs, are you coloring any at your house this weekend?

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7 thoughts on “BOTB April Results

  1. I was thinking of fixing hard boiled eggs for breakfast for my wife and I on Easter morning. No coloring though. My wife likes hard boiled eggs and now l like to eat them for breakfast on occasion.

    I can’t recall if I saw the film Quadrophenia but I have the original Who album on CD. I vaguely recall maybe watching the film at some point, but it would have been at home on DVD or video. I tend to forget most of the movies I watch unless they are particularly outstanding.

    Wow! Another close Battle outcome. So far it looks like we all did pretty good jobs at setting up good matches this month.



    1. Hi Lee!
      I agree. For a ‘holiday’ weekend battle, we all did fairly well 😉
      I actually never saw Quadrophenia. Probably because I did see “Tommy” and found it a bit disturbing.
      The best part of Easter eggs (real, not plastic) is the Devilled eggs we make. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one around here who likes them. I just wonder who left the empty plate in the fridge 😉

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    This was an excellent Battle! Not only was it a close race, but I even wound up voting for an artist whom I never thought much about and surely did not foresee myself siding with him in this match-up.

    No, I have never seen “Quadrophenia”. Although I was often surrounded by major Who fans, that band just never did much for me. I’ve always loved and owned the album ‘WHO’S NEXT’, but other than that one, I could never really relate to their songs.

    I hope you’re enjoying your Easter weekend. I have a chocolate bunny on the counter who is going to ‘chocolate bunny heaven’ in an hour or two from now. 😉

    ~ D-FensDogG


    1. Happy Easter to you as well, Stephen T.!

      It’s actually a fantastic day with temps in the 80s! I hope it’s not another tease. Last week we had an overnight freeze the day after nearly hitting 90.
      I was surprised by the outcome of this battle, thinking Gary Lewis would run away with it. But I’m pleased, too, since I voted for the winner 😉 Before this, I couldn’t have picked Fogleberg out in a voice lineup. I’ve never owned an album by the Who, but like you, it seemed that everyone I knew did.
      Hope you enjoyed the chocolate bunny!


  3. Diedre,

    I hope you had a blessed Easter. Your battle was very close and I was on the winning side which I’m really shocked. I thought for sure Gary Lewis would steal the show. It goes to show how little I know. 🙂 My results are up in today’s 4M post. Have a bandtastic day!


  4. Cool that Dan Fogelberg won, especially since he was up against a classic version of the song. 🙂 Interesting tidbit about the Quadrophenia movie. I have only seen bits and pieces of it, but in 2013, hubby and I attended the Who’s “Quadrophenia and More” concert, where they performed the entire album. 🎶

    I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend, diedre, complete with colourful eggs. 🐰 Because of allergies, I only eat ones made of nut-free chocolate. 😋 Cheers!

    P.S. Our schizophrenic weather is at it again! Summer temps this week, and predictions of possible snow flurries for the next one! 😲


    1. Hi Debbie!
      Always glad to have you in the game 😉 I bet that was a memorable Who concert.
      Not a lot of Easter frivolities this year, as the youngest has reached the wisened age of 16:-) But it was a pleasant day.
      The Summer/Winter seesaw also continues here, along with the annoying wind blowing since a year ago last Tuesday. Sigh. At this rate, we’ll see saguaros sprouting in Oklahoma.

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