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Hey, hi! Glad you stopped by 😉

The Battle Of the Bands (BOTB) is your basic Which-do-you-like-best contest where the one that gets the most votes wins. All you have to do is show up (the 1st of every month) give a listen and cast your vote in the comment section. Votes will be tallied and the winner revealed on the 8th day of the month.

In honor of Halloween, I’m going with associated scary (or not) movie soundtracks. If you’ve seen the movie, all the better! Pick which one you like best.

After you vote, and before you go – I highly recommend visiting the rest of the BOTB participants – they’re pros! And a few of them hold two battles a month! Here’s where to find them:

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Mary – Jingle Jangle Jungle

Fun fact: While the movie itself all but tanked,  Ennio Morricone (of spaghetti western fame) a relative newcomer to Hollywood blockbusters was given free rein to compose the score for the “Exorcist II” and delivered arguably his best weirdly creepy scores for the “Heretic” soundtrack . He later won an Oscar for his musical contribution to “Hateful Eight” using leftover scraps from “The Thing”

Have a thought? Drop a line in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by the stream!

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8 thoughts on “Frightfully Good Tunes

  1. You and I are in the Halloween mode. Fun to see someone else doing this. I like what you did with the idea.

    Wow! That J. Geils cut is a real blast from the eighties. I was listening to so much music in that style back then and this song really epitomizes the eighties sound. Now it sounds rather dated and full of tropes and cliches of the music of that era. I do like it in spite of that. Never saw that movie and now I can’t say I have any desire to do so.

    However, though I find the song a little annoying, my vote is going to have to go to the cut for Beetlejuice. That movie I did see and very much enjoyed. I’d probably watch it again if it were to come my way. The incongruity of the silly calypso music in a “horror” setting is pretty funny in my view.

    Give my vote to “Shake Senora” from Beetlejuice. Divine silliness.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    1. Hi Lee!
      I am indeed in Halloween mode! When the soundtrack idea first came to me all I could think of was the theme from “Jaws” Wasn’t that supposed to be the 4th of July? So I kept looking, and you’re right, it’s been fun!

      Coming across these two contenders was perfect since I really don’t care for all the screams and gore. I haven’t seen Fright Night and was more intrigued by who did the soundtrack 😉 I have seen Beetlejuice and recall being astonished when the calypso bit began to play. It was, as you so aptly describe, “Divine silliness.”

      A duly noted vote for “Shake Senora” – thanks, Lee!


    dIEDRE! dIEDRE!! dIEDRE!!!

    I had no idear that that you had joined BOTB? Why how come you didn’t tell me this? I would have immediately added your blog link to my List Of Participants and announced your involvement! I can’t believe you never mentioned this. What the—?!

    Anyway, I’m on my way RIGHT NOW to add your link to the list. And a major WELCOME! to you, my friend! I’m pleased as spiked punch to have you joining the BOTB Family.

    Incidentally, in your first Battle, I would have definitely voted for Willie Nelson’s ‘SEPTEMBER SONG’. I’ve loved that song for decades; it evokes so many memories and feelings in me.

    I’ve never seen the movie ‘Fright Night’, and I’ve only seen ‘Beetlejuice’ once, about a hunert years ago. I should probably watch that one again. I don’t remember much about it and it didn’t do much for me at the time. But maybe I’m different now.

    As for these songs, it’s a frighteningly cool concept you came up with, and I think I slightly prefer ‘Fright Night’, primarily because I’ve always liked a good amount of J. Geils Band stuffs. (Especially ‘Love Stinks’. How could anyone not relate to that song and not love it?! 😉

    Is ‘Fright Night’ a comedy? Based on the theme song, it seems like maybe it’s more of a humorous movie than a scary one.

    ~ D-FensDogG

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    1. Hello, hello, Stephen T!

      Thanks for the warm welcome 😉 I thought I’d ride around the BOTB block a couple times (in case I fall off my bike – ha!) before formally announcing, but as is typical of technologically challenged folks like me, that didn’t work 😉 So, here I am! Glad you don’t mind.

      I actually haven’t seen Fright Night. I do know it’s billed as a horror/comedy, as is Beetlejuice. While perusing scary movie soundtracks (Tubular Bells has been done before, I’m sure) it was the mention of J. Geils band that drew my attention. It’s from the last album made before their first breakup.
      “Love Stinks” is one of their four highest charting songs (#38 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1980) Peter Wolf, lead singer for almost ever, along with Seth Justman (keyboards), reportedly wrote the song together after Wolf’s divorce from his wife in 1979. The song has been featured in several films and covered at least half a million times. Wait, does Karaoke count?

      A duly noted vote for J. Geils Band, my friend. Thanks for coming by!


  3. Diedre,

    I’m with Stephen, you should’ve told us you’re trying BOTB out. It looks like you have the groove, though. 🙂 We’ve seen both films. Although Bettlejuice wasn’t a favorite, the song “Jump In The Line Shake Senora” is fun sounding and earning my vote. Cool battle round!


    1. Hi Cathy!

      Harry Belafonte’s cheery little ditty about getting in line seems to speak for me joining this funtastic group as well 😉 Fun stuff right there and probably my favorite part of the Beetlejuice movie – ha! Although, Michael Keaton did give an impressive performance…Back to Harry – he was inducted (just this year) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in the Early Influence category. Pretty cool, huh? He may be the oldest living person to ever receive the honor.

      A vote for Shake Senora – and thanks so much for coming by, my dear!

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  4. diedre,
    Was never much of a fan of Beetlejuice. Even though I never saw Fright Night I do like this song as it does conjure up thoughts of ghosts and goblins! So I pick Fright Night.


    1. Hi Patti!
      I didn’t see Fright Night either, but it was the second-highest-grossing horror movie of the year. The soundtrack didn’t do too bad at all 😉 Of all of the artists on the soundtrack, J. Geils band is one of only two I’ve ever heard of.
      A much-appreciated vote for J. Geils title song of Fright Night – thanks for coming by!


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