Sounds of September

Hello again, friends!

With my vote for Daughtry, we had a three-way tie in our very first BOTB until a music-loving member of Gen Z stepped up to post his vote for the best September song; leading to a win for Earth, Wind and Fire! Released by RCA Records in 1978, the song “September” was recently included by Rolling Stone magazine at #65 on their “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list.  Thanks, everyone, for participating!

Fun fact: In terms of music tastes, Gen Z Americans tend to believe “old is the new cool” and despite the stereotype of excessive users of technology (staring at phone screens while sitting next to friends and or family,) Gen Z (Zoomers) overwhelmingly prefer face-to-face conversations.

It’s Hug a Greeting Card writer day! If you can’t find one, it’s also Read an Ebook day!

Happy Autumn!

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