BOTB January Results

Contenders and votes for BOTB January 1, 2023

“Sunday Morning Coming Down”

Delila of The Last Internationale 1 vote

Jason Todd Herring 6 + 1 = 7 votes

Having covered the likes of Howlin Wolf, Dylan, Seeger, and Guthrie, I thought Delila’s folksy rock sound would have garnered a couple more votes than it did here. It wasn’t for lack of talent, to be sure. Way back before I’d heard any other than Johhny Cash’s mournful version, I thought listeners ought to be provided free tissues just for listening. I voted for Jason because I think his upbeat rendition lightens the mood considerably 😉

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4 thoughts on “BOTB January Results

  1. Dear dIEDRE ~

    It may have been a blowout, but at least it warn’t no shutout!

    Not a bad song and not a bad Battle. I’d say your BOTB career is off to a pert-dern good start, my friend. Please keep ’em comin’!

    ~ D-FensDogG


    1. I enjoy any kind of game involving music. BOTB has introduced at least a dozen new bands since I’ve been following, and now that I’m trying to participate, I’ve discovered a few more myself 😉
      Thanks for the opportunity!

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  2. Hey Diedre,

    Personally I find it hard to go with a female vocalist covering a song done by very masculine, distinctive voice such as Cash’s. I meant to check out Delila of The Last Internationale on YouTube and forgot. *smack forehead* Alright, I’m heading over there now to sample her stuff. Thanks for sharing the final results. Have a funtastic week, my dear!

    Liked by 1 person

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