BOTB March 2023

Hey, hi! Glad you stopped by πŸ˜‰

The Battle Of The Bands (BOTB) is your basic Which-do-you-like-best contest where the one that gets the most votes wins. All you have to do is show up (the 1st of every month), give a listen and cast your vote in the comment section. Votes will be tallied and the winner revealed on or about the 8th day of the month.

On this day in 1997 a Motley Crue fan who suffered permanent hearing damage after a concert in New Jersey had his lawsuit thrown out of court by a judge who ruled that the fan knew the risk he was taking when he sat near the stage. Have you ever experienced temporary hearing loss after a concert?

On a different note, having celebrated about as many birthdays as lives well-lived last month, I’ve settled on “Angel” as a theme for this month’s battle.

So, there you have it, Folks. Which do you like best? After you vote, and before you go – I highly recommend visiting the rest of the BOTB participants – they’re pros! And a few of them hold two battles a month! Here’s where to find them:

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18 thoughts on “BOTB March 2023

  1. Hi diedre! It’s good to be back in the game. πŸ™‚ This one is pretty much “no contest”, as I’m a HUGE Scorpions fan(atic). Real Life has a typical 1980s vibe, which doesn’t hold much appeal.

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    1. I forgot to answer your question! πŸ™„ Sorry, it was late.. .Anyway, as a veteran of multiple concerts over 40+ years (mostly rock and metal), I’m happy to report that I experienced no hearing loss from them. I have a t-shirt from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the motto “If it’s too loud, you’re too old” emblazoned on it. πŸ˜‰


  2. Greetings Diedre,

    I’m not a concert goer but the few I’ve been to the noise was deafening even far, far away from the stage. I’m glad the judge ruled the way he did. Anyone with that little sense (or maybe it’s greed) needs a good slap of justice across the face. Now turning my ears to your battle showdown at a comfortable volume to not cause any further hearing loss. πŸ˜‰ In this round, I prefer Scorpions and am giving them my vote. My battle is now up, Beatles Greatest Hits BOTB series Love Me Do. Hope over when you get a chance. Have a bandtastic day!

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  3. I cant say that I’ve experience hearing loss, but i did lose my voice for 2 days after a Foo Fighters concert.

    This battle was a nice blast from the past. Both great artists… but I’m going to cast my vote for Real Life.


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  4. I love Real Life’s version and they get my vote. I’m an 80s galin many ways. I love the female voice in the background which reminds me of the Ennio Morricone sound from the spaghetti westerns. I gave hearing loss but not from concerts. I have ringing in the ears..Meniere’s syndrome so it’s not concerts:))

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  5. One of my former employees turned me on to the Scorpions about 15 years ago. Now I’m also a fan of the group. However I don’t think that this is one of their better songs.

    But that catchy eighties sound of Real Life’s song is a retro feast. I didn’t recall who had performed it and actually I know nothing about this group, but the song is iconic. This song was on the airwaves so much for a while and then it mostly disappeared. I don’t guess I’ve heard this for thirty years or so. Nice to hear it again.

    Give my vote to Real Life’s “Send Me an Angel”.


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  6. Howdy, dIEDRE ~

    When I saw the Scorpions were first up, I secretly thought: Uh-Oh. I may need some earplugs to get this from 11 down to 10. But I was pleasantly surprised to find it was ballad. It seems like every Heavy Metal band had at least one ballad in order to “slow it down a bit” in the middle of each concert.

    Back in the day, I went to lotsa lotsa loud concerts (e.g., Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, UFO, etc., etc.) and I certainly left many concerts with my ears ringing and only half-operational, but I never suffered permanent hearing damage from any of them. I did, however, suffer permanent hearing damage from years of cutting my own hair. …No, don’t ask! You don’t wanna know.

    As for me, I’m just not a fan of that ’80s Techno-Synthy New Age-y sound, so I’ll put my two cents in the Scorpions jar. And my brother, The Judge, happened to be in the room while I was listening, and I wrung a vote outta him, too. So, you can make that “four cents” for the Scorpions.

    ~ D-FensDogG


    1. Hi there, Stephen T!

      I honestly didn’t know the Scorpions did a song like this when I was looking for whoever did the Real Life song – ha! Interesting turn-out so far.

      Two more votes for the Scorpions! Thank you, guys πŸ˜‰


  7. After my first concert (Def Leppard, Pyromania tour, 1983), everything sounded like it was underwater for about 12 hours. Same after quite a few more concerts. Now I wear earplugs at concerts, but people didn’t do that back then. And yes, I have some hearing loss.


    1. Hi Janet!
      My first concert was Bad Company; now that I think of it, nearly every concert I’ve ever attended has been outdoors. Wonder if that makes much of a difference in terms of sound? Speaking of angels (the theme for this Battle of the Bands), I do believe in them ever since that time I drove all the way home (Tucson) from a Santana concert in Phoenix without turning on my headlights πŸ˜‰


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