BOTB Results – May 2023

Contenders and votes for May 1st Battle

“Wind of Change”  Piano VS Saxophone

Piano = 1 vote

Saxophone = 8 votes (including mine)

My sincere condolences to the piano. In what I mean as a gesture of uplifting consolation, I present to you a cover of a song released by the Allman Brothers in 1973 – back when I was only 15 years old, and a gallon of gas was only 39 cents…and that’s all I’m gonna say about birthdays.

Thanks for your patience folks; I’m off to see how the other battles went. Hope you do the same 😉

Lock your doors and hug your Mom!

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STMcC – Presents Battle of the Bands

Arlee – Tossing it Out

Cathy – Curious as a Cathy

John – The Sound of One Hand Typing

Mike – Mike’s Ramblings

Mary –

Debbie – The Doglady’s Den

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6 thoughts on “BOTB Results – May 2023

  1. Nice version of “Jessica”. Love that song!

    Not surprised with the outcome. Next to the sax version, the piano version was a bit lackluster.

    Now I know that I’m about 7 years older than you. Wish we still had that really cheap gas.


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    1. Hi, Lee! Thanks for coming back by for the results 😉
      Can you believe many fans never knew the name of the song was Jessica?
      Seven years, huh? And no kidding, it was $4.67/gal., for last week’s road trip.


  2. >>… in 1973 – back when I was only 15 years old

    Hokey-Smoke! You are (a leetle tiny bit) older’n I am!
    I guess that wouldn’t surprise anyone no-how, since I act so immaturely. (Did you attend any Vietnam “Police Action” protests back in the day? 😉 )

    I’m really glad Birgit came along to save your blowout from being a shutout. (Birgit, John & Mike are the Shutout Busters. One of them is almost always sure to break up a shutout in progress. In fact, I don’t even know how it’s possible to *HAVE* a shutout as long as Birgit, John & Mike are around.)

    A blowout beats a shutout. And it also beats a Tie, in my opinion. So, this wasn’t all that bad. And as Ed Wood would tell ya, “Your next one will be better!”

    ~ D-FensDogG

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    1. HiYa, Stephen T.!

      Nah, I never understood the utter stupidity – let alone futility – of the Vietnam conflict. I’m only now realizing how Gawd-awful long it went on. Our soldiers deserved better treatment upon their return. Most of them didn’t want to go in the first place. You go over and wash the neighbor’s dishes enough times and they’ll expect you all the time. We can only hope to have learned a lesson from that terrible bit of history.
      I kinda like those Shutout Busters 😉
      Thanks for checking back in!

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      1. dIEDRE ~

        >>… I never understood the utter stupidity – let alone futility – of the Vietnam conflict. … Our soldiers deserved better treatment upon their return.

        For a long time, I considered myself both a Patriot and a Constitutionalist. Then I went down the nonfiction rabbit hole so far that when I emerged, I was no longer a Patriot. (I’m still a Constitutionalist, although that’s a meaningless term today because the Constitution breathed its last a long time ago. 1913, to be exact.)

        One of the most revoltingly truthful books I’ve ever read was ‘AN ENORMOUS CRIME: The Definitive Account Of American POWs Abandoned In Southeast Asia’ by Bill Hendon and Elizabeth Stewart. No truly caring and intellectually honest person can read that book and remain unchanged.

        There are two other NONfiction books I read a short time later (I won’t mention them by title), which turned me off from reading altogether for at least five years. I just couldn’t take any more horrible truth; I couldn’t mentally handle any more of it and needed to take an extended break from too much truth.

        I’ve only just recently begun reading again. I think I’ve read five, maybe six books over the last two years. (I’m trying to ease myself back into reading.)

        I’ve ALWAYS said, “I would rather *KNOW* an unpleasant truth than *BELIEVE* a pleasant lie”. And that still holds. But I found out just how crushing truth can be.

        Sorry to turn this comment section so serious. I kinda walked into it with my “Vietnam Police Action” remark, which I didn’t really expect you to respond to. (I think I need to drink some wine now to “gladden the heart”, as The Bible says. :^)

        ~ D-FensDogG


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