In Memory

In Memory of the Poppy, the People, the Purpose. The Poppy Flower, specifically the Flanders Poppy with its delicate orange-red petals, which grew wild on the Belgium battlefields of World War I, came to symbolize remembrance, resilience, and peace and has been internationally associated with Memorial Day ever since. The Flanders Poppy was first commemoratedContinue reading “In Memory”

BOTB Results – May 2023

Contenders and votes for May 1st Battle “Wind of Change”  Piano VS Saxophone Piano = 1 vote Saxophone = 8 votes (including mine) My sincere condolences to the piano. In what I mean as a gesture of uplifting consolation, I present to you a cover of a song released by the Allman Brothers in 1973Continue reading “BOTB Results – May 2023”


Hey, hi! Glad you stopped by 😉 The Battle of The Bands (BOTB) is your basic Which-do-you-like-best contest where the one that gets the most votes wins. All you have to do is show up (the 1st of every month) give a listen and cast your vote in the comment section. Votes will be tallied,Continue reading “BOTB May”

Creepin’ it Real

New Release! BlurbOscar the ghost dwells happily in his cozy cottage, where he hides from creatures that lurk in the dark. After a mysterious message arrives, he must find the courage to go out and discover what’s waiting for him. Will he be brave enough or will the monsters send him rushing back home? AboutContinue reading “Creepin’ it Real”

The Odd Uneven Time

Hello, Friends! Happy Autumn! As summer insists on ending, I continue to revel in the recent thrill of having our rivers running bank-to-bank with August rain. Getting that much rain during monsoon had become such a rarity that this year’s deluge actually enticed people out of their homes to gape in awe at flooded streetsContinue reading “The Odd Uneven Time”

Biggest Fish Brightest Star

Hello Friends, The last super moon of the year is upon us tonight and I, of course, am stoked! The August full moon was named “Sturgeon” because that’s when the Algonquin tribes (first nation aboriginals of southeastern Canada) gathered around the Great Lakes and other large bodies of water to fish for enormous prehistoric sturgeon.Continue reading “Biggest Fish Brightest Star”

What You Fear Most

Hello, friends! How’s your summer so far? Monsoon is well underway in my area, as are daily flood and lightning warnings. A reporter interviewing a member of a family of self-proclaimed “lightning people”, in this case almost everyone in the family has been struck by lightning at least once, elicited a rather bold declaration fromContinue reading “What You Fear Most”

Tributes and Tributaries

Hello, friends! Here we are in the heart of May when showers of spring on the run glisten like diamonds in the pre-summer sun as we chart our courses and cultivate plans; convinced that solutions aren’t out of our hands. That kind of thinking is fuel for the mind, strength for the soul, as wellContinue reading “Tributes and Tributaries”