The Odd Uneven Time

“August rain: the best of summer not yet gone

and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.”

Sylvia Plath

Hello, Friends!

Happy Autumn! As summer insists on ending, I continue to revel in the recent thrill of having our rivers running bank-to-bank with August rain. Getting that much rain during monsoon had become such a rarity that this year’s deluge actually enticed people out of their homes to gape in awe at flooded streets and floating lawn furniture. A couple of adventuresome folks took kayaks out for a swift-water ride down the Rillito River and got their picture in the local paper. I don’t suppose they received an award, but they should have.  Why, I can remember a time when monsoons, like we had this summer, were the norm and just about every afternoon there’d be small fishing boats riding the waves on Alvernon Way, quite a busy thoroughfare back in the day. And there was that time…

Rushing water charged through the arroyo like a prize bull out of the gate at the Rodeo. Rosie was amazed and amused by the items in its tow: an oven door, a mate-less shoe, tree branches, food wrappers, lawn chairs – and sometimes, careless kids. Rosie had no intention of becoming one of the latter.

“Well? Are you coming?” Manny called from the opposite bank, his voice barely audible above the roaring water.

Rosie fiddled with the rope in her hands. You’d think she’d never done this before by the way her stomach churned. Somehow it had been more enjoyable when she hadn’t yet discovered what could happen if she let go of the rope too soon, or worse if she didn’t swing out far enough. Steeling herself, she took three steps back, checked her hold on the rope, took five running steps and swung clear across the arroyo – and back again.

Rats! She grimaced at Manny’s laughing face and tried again.

               “Let go!” Manny yelled. “I’ll catch …“

It was not the most elegant landing, but they both laughed as they rolled on a cushion of crabgrass and mud. Thunder rumbled in the distance reminding them that monsoons were indeed upon them, flooding streets daily and causing typically dry riverbeds to overflow into arroyos such as the one they sat beside. Rosie knew they should be heading for cover before they found themselves running for it. She stood and brushed off her well-worn jeans.” 

~Excerpt from “Owning Up” by dee Kay

Has weather ever inspired you? Has weather ever caused an event that inspired you?  Something about September always seems to want to either gently coax, or drag kicking and screaming, every little memory right to the surface. Some say having to let summer memories go makes it harder to settle into autumn. Maybe it does, a little. But let go anyway, even if you don’t have a Manny on the other bank, you do have a memory bank in which to store those precious moments for all time 😉

So let’s celebrate September, shall we? In this, my inaugural attempt at participation in a musical bloghop called “Battle of the Bands” – otherwise known as BOTB – I hope to encourage at least one cool September memory from at least one of these cool September songs to resurface for at least half of all who care to cast a vote.

Did the songs stir any memories? We won’t know if you don’t say 😉

“Hop” being the operative word here, you’re invited to hop on over and see what battles the other participants have posted for your enjoyment!

Just imagine what we’ll come up with for next month – see you on the 1st!

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4 thoughts on “The Odd Uneven Time

  1. Had no idea you were doing a BOTB until I saw the comment on John’s blog. I didn’t even know you had this blog.

    Nice Battle. I’m especially fond of the Earth Wind & Fire song, but the classic “September Song” is most evocative of the concept of September.

    Give my vote to Willie Nelson for his beautiful rendition.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Hi Lee!
      I was beginning to think my maiden voyage was a bust 😉 Thanks for coming by.
      Running across the Willie Nelson piece was certainly a treat. I hadn’t heard the song before.
      I’d planned to offer “September Morn” by Neil Diamond but couldn’t resist featuring Willie Nelson.


  2. Three excellent choices for your first time out (in a while?). I’k going to go with Earth Wind & Fire here: I didn’t especially like Daughtry’s song, and though I love “September Song,” it makes me sad.


  3. Hi John!
    Thanks! You’ve probably seen me around – as a persistent observer 😉 But this is my first attempt to swim with the pros 😉 Funny how all three songs evoke a different aspect of the same emotion.
    Thanks for your thoughts 🙂


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